2016 Winter Menu

Coq Au Vine

Seattle winters are known for being rainy and cold. Warm up inside at Brass Tacks and taste our winter menu, filled with comfort food and classic dishes.

Some of the dishes on our menu cook for a long period of time and are braised, with tender meats and warm, flavorful sauces. We are a scratch kitchen meaning we don’t purchase our products pre-made.  At Brass Tacks we take pride in creating our food from scratch and serving food where we know its origin. We use fresh and local ingredients and enjoy serving our guests food that is in season.  

Yes, we are a bar but we also want to serve delicious food that will make an impression!  

Our craft cocktails and local beer and wines pair well with our dishes, making for a memorable experience all around. Our Chef, Sunny Baez, cooks with a Spanish, Italian, and French influence. He studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York and enjoys using traditional recipes from his grandmother and mom. Our menu is inspired and created by Chef Sunny and you’ll see those exact influences and flavors in the food.  

Kitchen-side seating available

Chef Sunny Baez

One of the appetizers we are featuring currently is called Sunny Style Chicken Wings. Served with a side of cool ranch dressing to contrast with the heat from the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, this appetizer will warm you up and whet your appetite for more.  

The wings are house-made and marinated for twenty-four hours to really soak up the flavor. They are then deep fried and then tossed in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. The result is tender chicken with a spicy and crispy coating.

If you want something a little lighter to start your meal, our Arugula Caesar Salad may be just the thing. Made with Arugula lettuce, its bitterness compliments the traditional Caesar dressing well and the croutons made in house don’t hurt either. It’s all topped with a nice Parmesan cheese.

Now for something a little sweet and crunchy on our Nosh menu- a Cinnamon and Blueberry Toast Popcorn. This snack is served in a brown paper bag and is perfect for sharing. The popcorn is a fun and unique start to your meal and we’ll admit, hard to stop eating. We suggest paring it with one of our craft cocktails

If you’re a Brussels sprouts fan then we recommend ours. They are deep fried with bleu cheese. After they are fried, they’re tossed with garlic and lemon aioli for added flavor. They are tender and crispy which contrast nice with the creaminess and tang of the bleu cheese.  

One of our featured entrée’s is the Fish and Chips. The fish is fried but not greasy and is topped with Sea Salt. The cod is soft and full of flavor on the inside and the outside has a nice fried coating. The house-made tarter has a lemon aioli which goes well with the hand- cut fries. They are fresh blanched which gives the outside a nice crispiness that a good fry should have.

One of our classic and traditional dishes that Chef Sunny has created is the coq au vin, a French dish with chicken. Most diners will be happily surprised to see it on our menu and will be even more pleased when they taste it. The coq au vin smells like home and gathering around for Sunday dinner. It’s a rustic and hearty dish packed with flavor, bound to fill your belly and warm you up.   

The chicken is braised and marinated in red wine. Chef Sunny uses the a la minute process, meaning that the sauce is prepared to order. There are mushrooms, carrots, celery, and pearl onions to compliment the chicken. The dish also has white bean puree for added heartiness.  

Our Spanish Pork Stew is another entrée that will fill you and satisfy. The pork is so tender and flavorful, perfect for a winter evening. It is marinated for twenty-four hours, using seasonings that Chef Sunny’s grandma and mom used to use. The vegetables in the stew are carrots and celery and you’ll also find potatoes and olives, which add a unique flavor.

To get a rich and warm color for the stew without using artificial ingredients, he caramelizes a handful of sugar in the pan to start. If you enjoy stews and moist pork then this dish is for you.  

Another option if you want something hearty and full of flavor is our meatballs. They arrive three to an order and are quite large. They are good for sharing if you want to try a variety of dishes. The meatballs are served with polenta and topped with green salsa and parmesan.  The meatballs are handmade consisting of beef and pork. The pork gives the meatballs added flavor and tenderness. Chef Sunny uses breadcrumbs for the mixture and he soaks brioche in milk and then leaves it to soak. 

The polenta gives the dish an Italian feel and the green salsa adds a zip of flavor and a pop of color to the meatballs. Lastly, the piece of parmesan placed on top has a little bit of nuttiness and creaminess, bringing all of the flavors together.  

We invite you to come in out of the cold and listen to a little bit of live jazz, sip a glass of wine and experience our winter menu. Chef Sunny has a passion for cooking that is reflected in our menu here at Brass Tacks. His inspiration is simple but wonderful. Gathering people around the table and sharing great food. So why not come to Georgetown to see and taste for yourself!